CEPA Forum 2015 and 2016
Marijus Velička
Viceminister for International Cooperation and Defence Policy, Lithuanian Ministry of National Defence

Marijus Velička is Viceminister for International Cooperation and Defence Policy since 2012, at Lithuanian Ministry of National Defence. Previously he has served as an attorney-at-law with the Professional Partnership of Advocates NORDIA Baublys & Partners and has founded his private attorney’s office. While working as a law practitioner, he was all the time very active in political life and interested in international relations. Marijus attended General and Flag Officers and Ambassadors Course, NATO Defense College (Rome) and 6th annual senior officers’ seminar, Geneva Centre for Security Policy. He has served as a Viceminister during Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of European Union in 2013. He holds M.A. in Law from Vilnius University.

The CEPA FORUM is the leading annual transatlantic security conference in Washington, DC.
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