CEPA Forum 2017
2017 Highlights, Frontier Defense: Local Realities, Local Solutions

The second off-the-record session - Frontier Defense: Local Realities, Local Solutions - was moderated by CEPA Senior Vice President Edward Lucas. Panelists were asked to consider the following questions: What lessons can we, as Americans and Europeans, learn from each other in new efforts to make our societies more resilient to 21st century dangers? What is the right mix of hard and soft power to defend against known and unforeseen perils?


mod_LucasEdward Lucas
Senior Vice President, CEPA


DreherMaj. Matt Dreher
Special Forces Officer, United States
GorkaDr. Sebastian Gorka
Former Deputy Assistant to the President, United States
JarvenpaaPauli Järvenpää
Senior Research Fellow, International Center for Defense and Security
KiiliMaj. Gen. Meelis Kiili
Estonian Defense League
SapronasRobertas Šapronas
Defense Policy Director, Ministry of Defense, Lithuania